Rowing is an outdoor team sport which embodies strong values.
It develops precision, concentration, the quest to make the boat glide through the water and the pursuit of improved performances.
A sport which combines physical endurance, speed and boat skills it can be undertaken in short boats (single skulls or a 2-man boat), or in long boats (with 4 or 8 rowers), with or without a cox.
"Rowing is a magnificent sport which is accessible to everyone, it drives the individual to get the best out of himself and also his crew members. It enables everyone to develop physical and mental strength in harmony with his own personality while getting close to nature in the open air."
The 405 clubs in the French Rowing Federation share the same objective: that the via the rowing experience, men and women can be trained to a high standard in a convivial and family environment, by providing role models of excellence.
The core values which we wish to share:

  • Encouraging individuals to get the best out of themselves
  • Team spirit
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • The beauty of the rowing stroke
  • (Extract taken from the French Rowing Federation's federal project)

  • **9 types of boats
  • ** 403 clubs in France
  • **105 000 members
  • **21 Olympic medals

The Aviron Toulousain

Since its creation in 1979, Aviron Toulousain has been recognised as being one of France's most dynamic clubs. The club, affiliated to the French Rowing Federation (FFA), is situated on the section of the river Garonne called the Ile du Ramier, near the centre of Toulouse. It offers its 300 members of all ages, a variety of rowing categories ranging from recreational rowing, a rowing school for juniors and a Centre of Excellence for top level competition.

All year round, rowers from all categories can take to the water to train and enjoy the rowable part of the Garonne which stretches right into the heart of Toulouse. The club can boast a team of committed trainers, both employees and volunteers, technical coaches, experienced educators as well as the experience of former club, national and international champions. The Club is proud of more than 50 national and international championship titles.

** founded in 1979
** 300+ members
**1 historic 1st, 2nd and 3rd national podium
**53 national titles


Find clubs in Europe to share our rowing passion!
Make new friends from other countries:

  1. A 1:1 relationship between exchange candidates
  2. Build a relationship over the time
  3. Live another culture and way of life
  4. Discover new towns, regions and countries

Meet rowers from other countries:

  1. from 10th years old to 75th years old
  2. from beginners to elite competitors

Learning from each other in rowing:

  1. Technical exchange
  2. Sharing our experience
  3. Sharing our pleasure and fun

Rowing together and challenge ourselves:

  1. Go south for Autumn or Winter seasons
  2. Go North for Spring and Summer time

Participate to international or big events together and share boats

Toulouse a cross road between Germany, Spain England and Italy

  1. International Airport with Several direct flights to Germany, Spain and England
  2. Low cost companies terminal around (1 hour car travel)
  3. International Railway Station

International industries, High Schools and University:

  1. Airplanes and Aerospace
  2. Embedded systems and Micro Electronics
  3. Health
  4. Business and Engineers Schools
  5. University

A long and nice history:

  1. from Roman Empire and before, till today
  2. “South west” food specialties and the french way of life
  3. 1 hour from the mountains, 1 hour from the Mediterranean cost and 2 hours from the Atlantic coast